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Engineering Maker Kits

Engineer with Every-Day Items

Paper Roller Coaster

Build a complex roller coaster track fully out of paper and test it out by sending marbles down its curves, hills, and loops!

Check out this neat demo of a paper roller coaster taken to the next level

Use this tutorial to pick up a few basic designs, like loops, hills, and curves

Learn about the science behind roller coasters, like how friction and gravitational pull add to the excitement of the ride!

Cotton Ball Launcher

Engineer your own launching contraption using physics concepts like potential

and kinetic energy!

Follow this video tutorial to build your own launcher

Use these written instructions to engineer a cotton ball launcher

Learn about kinetic and potential energy through these engaging visuals

Coin Sorter

Untitled design (29).png

Design and create your own coin sorting machine and then test it on its sorting accuracy!

Build your own coin sorter by following this video tutorial

Learn how certain coin sorters can use electromagnetic fields to sort their coins!

Experiment with how to make different types of sorting machines using this tutorial for inspiration

Untitled design (27).png
Untitled design (28).png

Looking to take a break from technology? Try building your own contraption using every-day materials.

Your engineering kit will come with all required materials, instructions, and templates!

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