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Digital App. by PearlMountain Limited

A video editing tool to create stunning informational videos

Helpful Tip:  To add music to your

video, click on            Next,  click on


and choose from hundreds of music tracks.  Choose genres  from the left hand-side column.


Challenge Idea: Can you make an informational video on your favorite topic in school? e.g. 10 facts about our Galaxy, How do Bees make Honey?

music icon Flex.JPG
music +icon.JPG

How to save work:

Click on 'Export' Video' on top right corner. Next, choose the resolution and then click on               

this time on the

middle of the screen.

export flexclip.JPG
Save Flexclip.JPG

A tool to convert your images and videos into GIF images

Helpful Tip:  To select multiple photos from a folder you can press 'Ctrl' on your keyboard and then click on the photos you want to upload.

Challenge Idea: Can you make some drawings that tell a story? Upload your pictures to GIF Maker and then create a GIF image with your images. Can you see your drawings 'move'?

How to save work:

1. After you have uploaded your picture, click 

Convert button GIF.JPG
Download GIF.JPG

2. After, your picture has been 'successfully converted' click 


Online Disco.gif

Digital App. by Melanie Perkins

A graphic design platform to design graphics, posters, videos and much more.

Helpful Tip:  Backgrounds can add new dimensions to your design. To add one click on               icon. You can also play


with the transparency of your background by clicking on the

transparency icon. on 

the top right corner.

Challenge Idea: Can you create a poster for your favorite sports team or your favorite band? Try picking out a template and then customize it with your own  

How to save work:

Click on           and then

choose what format you

would like to save your

work in.

Elements canva.JPG
bkground canva.JPG
download arrow canva.JPG
drop down canva.JPG
transparancy Canva.JPG
C4k. Gradient Icons-30.png
C4k. Gradient Icons-27.png
Stained Glass effect.jpg

A photo  and video editing tool to edit, and enhance your photos

Helpful Tip: Swipe through   

right below your picture, to go back to a certain point of editing. You can also press 'Ctrl' and 'Z' on your keyboard to undo. 

Challenge Idea: Create a comic strip. Select a few pictures that , put them into a collage and use the comic/sketch effect to create a comic book look.

Click on 'Save' right below your picture.

How to save work:

undo history Luna Pic.JPG
save Luna.JPG

Digital App. by Chengdu Hengtu Technology Co

A photo editing tool to transform your photos into famous paintings

Helpful Tip:  Try playing around with the intensity bar to get varying effects within the same filter.

Challenge Idea: Once you are done choosing the perfect filter for your photo, can you paint/sketch/create the same effect on paper?

How to save work:

Click on the little arrow

icon below your picture and next to the 'intensity' bar.

Go Art download button.JPG
INtensity bar go art.JPG

Digital App. by  Animaker Inc.

An animated video maker . Create your own animated characters  and stories.

Helpful Tip: Did you know that you could give your voice to your character? Click on your character and then click the          icon to record your voice. Your


character will then lip sync your voice.

Challenge Idea:  Video Journal- Can you create a short animated video  about a day in your life?

mic Animaker.JPG

How to save work:

1. Click on                                 icon on the top right corner.


2. Next, click on 

3. Add a title to your video and then press

4. Wait for your video to finish rendering. (This might take a while depending on the size of your video) 

5. Once your video has been rendered, click on: 


Save in Animaker.JPG
Download animaker.JPG
Download button Animaker.JPG
Final download animaker.JPG
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