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Art and Design Maker Kits

Get Creative with Design Materials

Want to explore your artistic side and experiment with some new art materials?

Choose an art and design kit along with a set of resources for inspiration to create your own work.

Clay Modeling

Take your sculpting skills further through small detail-work

using oven-bake or air-dry clay

Learn some foundational sculpture techniques

Take a look at how to use wire and aluminum foil to make the foundation of a sculpture

Watercolor Painting

Experiment with some new watercolor techniques and explore the science behind the art-form

Learn some different watercolor techniques through this video tutorial

Experiment with watercolors and some other every-day materials

Illustration Markers

Work on your drawing skills using these illustration markers to incorporate and blend color into your artwork

Learn about alcohol-based markers, strokes, and blending techniques

Learn how to draw in

1-point perspective

Untitled design (23).png
Untitled design (22).png
Untitled design (20).png
Untitled design (1).gif
Untitled design (2).gif
Untitled design (3).gif
Untitled design.gif

Want to learn about color theory and how to mix your own colors?

Get inspired by art from around the world to find your won color palette

Play this color mixing game to practice mixing your own colors

Learn about color theory using Canva's interactive color wheel

Explore the world of fashion to find a color palette inspiration

Acrylic Painting

Learn how to incorporate texture into your artwork using acrylic paints and investigate concepts behind color theory

Try out some different acrylic painting techniques

Experiment with creating

different acrylic textures

Untitled design (24).png

Looking to create and design your own characters?

Explore and practice different character styles 

Practice drawing different character poses 

Experiment with drawing different facial expressions

Pick up some important tips on character illustration

Want to work on drawing and painting animals?

Practice and get comfortable with some basic animal forms

Try out an animal drawing tutorial and start shading

Create an animal portrait using vivid color combinations

Get inspired to come up with your own creature design

Feeling more inspired by nature and abstract pattern ideas?

Explore digital generative art patterns 

Get inspired by nature shapes and vivid colors

Check out a few pattern ideas and try replicating them by hand

Search for more pattern ideas on the web and try putting your own twist to them

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